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i see a lot of things in the empty store fronts of minneapolis. like what’s being said about the community beyond the plate glass. the customers disappearing, the rents being hiked, busted dreams and the business left behind. but also the new dreamers who might be waiting to move into a space and get started, if only that loan would get finalized. sometimes when i walk by these places, i catch myself daydreaming about opening a bar, a bar slash… something. some little place that becomes a part of life in the neighborhood, that survives all the up’s and down’s, cause it’s loved. i began taking these pictures a few years ago after losing a job, and have continued ever since. and sadly, the emptiness of some of these storefronts has continued ever since too. i think something about what i was seeing was a reflection of what i was feeling. i would walk by them and see empty floors and shelves and then my eyes would shift to the sky and the city beyond reflected in the sheets of glass. perspectives fractured, trees growing from the floor, the sky where the ceiling used to be, columns marching out into the street. it was time for me to see things differently.