script to script

run script >_

sorry babe, i’m on autopilot auto reply

out of head auto reply

out of mind auto reply

out of time auto reply

i’m out of ____ auto reply

sorry, i’m unable to understand, care, or even reply to you

auto reply

i’m checked out auto reply

over the top, over the drop

what? auto reply

if it’s so important, why are we having this conversation auto reply

you gonna get   [text box]   with me then i ain’t gonna hear you

auto reply

yeah we rollin script to script

i’m flickin faces on my tv phone bro

i ain’t got time for your problems auto reply

was met with ____ auto reply

chill just fuckin wit u man auto reply

just a bot talkin with u bro

thanks, i’ll be available in 5 minutes auto replied

2 hours ago

pile of poo emoji

this convo </script>

gonna end like this


artisanally wasted

and the vacant luxury high rises

so easy to find

slender and twisting so high into the sky

so tall and bright against the night

designed by architects of international acclaim

decorated by award winning interior designers

with lobbies displaying the latest artworks of world famous artists

residences starting at 2200 square feet

four to a floor

each floor plan unique

with floor to ceiling windows offering one of a kind views

and italian marble floors

and kitchens of walnut and stainless steel

20 foot long backsplashes of hand laid river stone

and this high rise only 26% occupied

this one maybe 40%

this one 32%

and so many residences bought and owned

merely as assets of investment, purely as instruments of finance

by owners who never call them a home

never slap their bare feet across the carrera marble floors

never hear the laughter of their happy children running down the galleries

and the 4 of them, the two young men and two young women

stepped out of the elevator into the main lobby of a vacant luxury high rise

so easy to find

slender and twisting so high into the sky

so tall and bright against the night


the two couples, so young and so wealthy

dressed with impeccable casualness

as they walked under the latest giant kitten ballon of a famous japanese artist

stepping out arm in arm exploring the city

spending the evening drinking craft beer at all the best breweries

and then a dinner of magnificent pasta

of ingredients foraged by the chef in a river valley 3 hours away

and a bottle and a half of an excellent argentinian varietal wine

and they had fun and they had drink

and they were so drunk now

as they staggered back to their vacant luxury high rise

so easy to find

slender and twisting so high into the sky

so tall and bright against the night


the shorter young man woozy and moaning now

stopped in an arching brick doorway built a century ago

doubled over and heaved out his artisanally crafted dinner onto the steps

as an elderly homeless man who was sleeping there

utterly unnoticed in the dark 

awoke suddenly and tried to offer help, asking are you ok

but the young man’s tall friend turned around and freaked out

when he saw the dark shape reaching for his friend

and kicked the old man from behind head first into the door

and started beating him and pushed him down

into the vomit

and yelled at him to eat it eat it

it’s artisanal you piece of shit

and the two young women grabbed his long arms and shoulders and pulled him off

screamed at him to stop stop stop it’s ok it’s ok pulling him away

and somehow the girls dragged the guys back to their vacant luxury high rise

so easy to find

slender and twisting so high into the sky

so tall and bright against the night


the doorman letting them in and helping them into the express elevator

as the tall young man turned away from his friends

his face turned into a corner of the elevator, hands over his ears

as if he was afraid of what he was about to hear

his artisanally wasted friend sitting slouched and moaning against his legs

and as the elevator rushed higher and higher and higher

to the tall young man’s residence on the 76th floor

one of the young woman finally had enough

crumpled into a corner and began to puke

as her friend, the most sober and upright of the lot, could only watch

as all she could think about

was the old man left lying face down on the ground

oh shit oh f what what what am i going to do

as all she could think about

was going back to the old man

was getting the key cards she knew how to get

as she was employed by the luxury high rise

was one of it’s four real estate agents

the key cards she knew she could get for each of these vacant floors

laid out neatly in rows in the secure room of the sales office on the first floor

these vacant floors

going by

going by

going by

and the old man left lying face down on the ground

i’m so sorry i’m so sorry she wanted to go back to him and say

are you ok are you ok here here take the key take the key

you can stay here tonight she wanted to say

no ones going to be here tonight

no ones going to be here for years

as she watched the floor numbers climbing higher and higher and higher

and put her head down into her hand and began to cry

each vacant floor whooshing by

each vacant floor whooshing by

vacant floors whooshing by

whooshing by

whooshing by












the elevator door opening onto the 76th floor

as she dragged her friends out into the absolute silence of the lobby

the smell of their vomit following them

and the vacant luxury high rises

so easy to find

slender and twisting so high into the sky

so tall and bright against the night

and a young woman who knew what had to be done

stepping out into the light

note to the surveillance capitalists

yeah, you listen closely enough

the humdrum’s

like a humming drum drum



your human futures are bogus

you only predict from what’s been volunteered

your behavior models are wrong

you only take what i give you

your math is a fraud

you only compute what i let you

your predictions are specious

you only glean from my uploads

cuz you’re biased on inputs

while i flip in and out like a qubit

i’m the quantum superposition of all i gave you

and all i held from you

hum hum drum drum


i’m the man who sits in silence and speaks above the noise

like she’s the girl who shared this and never shared that

they are what was given to them and what was taken from them

we are what was loved and what was forgotten

hum drumming together

as one


not just our inputs

not just our outputs

we are not info in

we are not behavior models out

we are everything you can recognize in the selfie

and everything you can’t

we are a string of 1’s and 0’s flickering down a fiber optic cable

at the same time we are the secret held inside


we are of

at the very same moment

we aren’t of


like an answer beyond your logic gates

living a life beyond your highest frame rate

performing a music beyond your notations

hum drumming in quantum superposition

together as one


the problem’s in your code

how there’s no flow

the way a human life flows and changes

from a present moment

to a memory of the past

to a plan for the future

to a changed present moment

the way a human life flows and changes

from a self in a center

to a selfless reaching out to help another

this is why your location data doesn’t show

where we really are in life

this is why your models are a mess

and your math is faulty

your algorithms won’t organize

and your social media live streams death

any advantage you’ve gained

that you wanna take to the bank

is just a lit up bomb

in a safe deposit box

a computational relic

that can’t get to the next level

just slowing down human progress

while this human life

hum hum drum drums

a music that’s beyond monetization

cuz it’s beyond your notation

feelings flood

dude, you alone

dude, she gone

dude, let it be

feelings flood

let ‘em out

set her free

she free

let you



burdens lifted up and set down

a pilot ascending past 30,000 feet

breaks through the last layer of cloud

her pupils contract when the sun strikes her eyes

sunglasses on, her face glowing

in warm sunlight

3 hours later, 1500 miles away on final approach

descending down through the last layer of cloud

sunglasses off, her face glowing

in instrument lights

the rain blowing by the windshield

the dark green ground coming

up to her

and the meaning of what he had said suddenly striking her 


the captain stands in the bridge

swaying with his fully loaded container ship

tied up at port, unable to offload

as 45 knot winds churn up 8 foot waves in the harbor

each wave pushing the ship against the concrete berth

demurrage deadlines coming

up to him

and his memory of what happened that day 40 years ago unmovable


thoughts like sun light striking your eyes the moment you understand

thoughts like intermodal containers you can’t unload

but we are thought lungs, breathing thoughts

thoughts that come and go with each breath

each breath in and out and the pilot’s hands calm and steady

each breath in and out and the captain’s burdens lifted up and set down

minneapolis in winter

outside of downtown

distant skyscrapers with frozen crowns

under huge oak trees

their massive limbs arching over me

walking down your



residential streets

almost every residence with porch in front

roof peaked with gables and dormers

wood cut from old growth northern forests

framed into these homes more than 60 years ago

the single family’s

with the one door

next door to the converted apartments

with their two or three

in the early dark

in the bitter cold

past icicles of ice, of hanging porch lights

my exhalations in crystals

i keep walking

i’m moved onward

by the warmth

of the lights

in your windows

the tv phone in your hand is in my pocket

i am an algorithmically generated face


i look and appear to be a caucasian man or woman who lives in a medium sized city

in the midwestern area of the united states

or the southeastern area or the northwestern area or


my first name is fred or sally or doug and my last is johnson or smith or peterson or

i post videos that show you how to fix your broken things

and many people click and watch and like the videos

and trust me and follow me and join me

on facebook and you tube and


it’s ok, my algorithmically generated face never appears in the videos

and the narrative voices in the videos are always different

and as we get closer to the 2020 election i will post more and more videos

supporting a certain side or candidate

more and more and more videos

to get you excited and revved up and agitated more and more

that make no sense if you stop and think about it

nestled amongst some more videos of how to fix the light bulb in a clever way

that really won’t work when you really pay attention to it

but i know you won’t why would you

you’re so busy and stressed out


it’s ok, my profile isn’t real and my name isn’t real and my face has been generated

by an operations team of paid employees

i’m really just a creation

of a media production company in Shanghai or Nicosia or Tbilisi or New York City

or military intelligence agents working 12 hour shifts producing more faces like me

in the drab office floors of a nondescript building in Moscow or Krasnoyarsk or

rented out in a complex off-the-books arrangement by the GRU

to prevent positive attribution by NSA and MI6


it’s ok, you like me you follow me you trust me

it’s ok, welcome

welcome to information warfare in the 21st century

you are on the frontline fighting

and you are in the psych ward suffering

you share my fake videos

with real people

don’t you see

like a perpetrator and a victim

the tv phone in your hand is in my pocket

my soldier, my sock puppet

spreading my videos to new soldiers and sock puppets

i’m growing, getting bigger

it’s ok, welcome


yeah yeah just watch the videos, no no don’t think so much ok

you don’t need to take it with a grain of salt or wonder why

my algorithmically generated hair looks… isn’t quite right

thanks for just watching, just passing me along

hi folks, i’m fred doug johnson peterson sally smith sally peterson doug smith fred johnson doug peterson fred smith sally johnson fred doug sally

millions of our faces blending together into a person you think you know on facebook

it’s ok, welcome