burdens lifted up and set down

a pilot ascending past 30,000 feet

breaks through the last layer of cloud

her pupils contract when the sun strikes her eyes

sunglasses on, her face glowing

in warm sunlight

3 hours later, 1500 miles away on final approach

descending down through the last layer of cloud

sunglasses off, her face glowing

in instrument lights

the rain blowing by the windshield

the dark green ground coming

up to her

and the meaning of what he had said suddenly striking her 


the captain stands in the bridge

swaying with his fully loaded container ship

tied up at port, unable to offload

as 45 knot winds churn up 8 foot waves in the harbor

each wave pushing the ship against the concrete berth

demurrage deadlines coming

up to him

and his memory of what happened that day 40 years ago unmovable


thoughts like sun light striking your eyes the moment you understand

thoughts like intermodal containers you can’t unload

but we are thought lungs, breathing thoughts

thoughts that come and go with each breath

each breath in and out and the pilot’s hands calm and steady

each breath in and out and the captain’s burdens lifted up and set down

minneapolis in winter

outside of downtown

distant skyscrapers with frozen crowns

under huge oak trees

their massive limbs arching over me

walking down your



residential streets

almost every residence with porch in front

roof peaked with gables and dormers

wood cut from old growth northern forests

framed into these homes more than 60 years ago

the single family’s

with the one door

next door to the converted apartments

with their two or three

in the early dark

in the bitter cold

past icicles of ice, of hanging porch lights

my exhalations in crystals

i keep walking

i’m moved onward

by the warmth

of the lights

in your windows

the tv phone in your hand is in my pocket

i am an algorithmically generated face


i look and appear to be a caucasian man or woman who lives in a medium sized city

in the midwestern area of the united states

or the southeastern area or the northwestern area or


my first name is fred or sally or doug and my last is johnson or smith or peterson or

i post videos that show you how to fix your broken things

and many people click and watch and like the videos

and trust me and follow me and join me

on facebook and you tube and


it’s ok, my algorithmically generated face never appears in the videos

and the narrative voices in the videos are always different

and as we get closer to the 2020 election i will post more and more videos

supporting a certain side or candidate

more and more and more videos

to get you excited and revved up and agitated more and more

that make no sense if you stop and think about it

nestled amongst some more videos of how to fix the light bulb in a clever way

that really won’t work when you really pay attention to it

but i know you won’t why would you

you’re so busy and stressed out


it’s ok, my profile isn’t real and my name isn’t real and my face has been generated

by an operations team of paid employees

i’m really just a creation

of a media production company in Shanghai or Nicosia or Tbilisi or New York City

or military intelligence agents working 12 hour shifts producing more faces like me

in the drab office floors of a nondescript building in Moscow or Krasnoyarsk or

rented out in a complex off-the-books arrangement by the GRU

to prevent positive attribution by NSA and MI6


it’s ok, you like me you follow me you trust me

it’s ok, welcome

welcome to information warfare in the 21st century

you are on the frontline fighting

and you are in the psych ward suffering

you share my fake videos

with real people

don’t you see

like a perpetrator and a victim

the tv phone in your hand is in my pocket

my soldier, my sock puppet

spreading my videos to new soldiers and sock puppets

i’m growing, getting bigger

it’s ok, welcome


yeah yeah just watch the videos, no no don’t think so much ok

you don’t need to take it with a grain of salt or wonder why

my algorithmically generated hair looks… isn’t quite right

thanks for just watching, just passing me along

hi folks, i’m fred doug johnson peterson sally smith sally peterson doug smith fred johnson doug peterson fred smith sally johnson fred doug sally

millions of our faces blending together into a person you think you know on facebook

it’s ok, welcome

thought lung #4 – breathe on it

breathe on it


trip on it

breathe it in


push it away

breathe it out


grasp to make it stay

thought lungs, thought lungs

breathe in, let come

breathe out, let go

the best moment in life

that dark and scary time

human being

breathe on it


trip on it


life can flow


life will change

thought lung #3 – all is flow all is change

these days how our troubled thoughts get stuck and hung up

in the fuzzy mold of an info haze

this delusionhalucinillusionpollution clouding over the sky

over our beautiful eyes

how the screens got our attention locked

but nothing we see even shocks

so we never turn away our vision in a frame

our smiles slash our words hate

the images we chase the fates we vape

snap the shot choke on thoughts freeze the frame what’s my name

the empty stomach of our distracted minds

when all we can do some days is eat with our eyes

just stopped by the corner store now i’m starving for contact just a little more

cuz we don’t acknowledge each other if we can’t pronounce a name

click a label attach the frame

the wailing drone from server farms

when we switch on our ego avatars

who stride in so dutifully and  f  up our minds

blue faced and shiny and dressed to the nines


human being human being

all is flow all is change

don’t put yourself in a selfie cage

all is flow all is change

don’t trip out on a frozen frame

human being can’t you see

what it means to be free

breathe in breathe out

you can let it in you can let it out

pick it up put it down

let it come let it go

without fear without judgment

without grasping without attaching

in a forest of trees of glowing green leaves

amongst towers of concrete and flashing screens

a buddha mind discerning the wisdom of a vision

from the delusion of a trip


entreaty #2 – the strength to be completely undefended

human being, beautiful human being

they way things are is the way they is

it’s time to see this with our own eyes

not through hi def haze

time to be things in our own times

not through pre set phase

time to breathe deep in the rhythms of peace

before we swim through waves of grief

crashing down flooded city streets


the strength to be completely undefended

the strength to let it come

the strength to feel the way it truly feels

the strength to let it go

that’s where our minds breathe thoughts like thought lungs

where our hearts drum the strongest beat in the rhythms of peace


every day we climb up and slouch on the thrones built up in our heads

our eyeballs swiveling back and forth across flashing screens

as we trip on simulacrum smack downs

avatars of ego start marching down our streets

like dead heads under helmets of delusion

high on the shards of shattered hearts

yeah it’s time to put it down

human being, beautiful human being

they way things are is the way they is


the strength to be completely undefended

the strength to let          come

the strength to feel          the way          truly feels

the strength to let         go

that’s where our minds breathe thoughts like thought lungs

where our hearts drum the strongest beat in the rhythms of peace

side effects while using the creative process include strong, tumbling, and / or conflicting emotions

colors and forms and letters and sounds and sensations and emotions

just are

as the urge to create grabs them and tears them and chews them and mashes them and expresses

now do this go make this move bust this loose this feeling this love thinking this works shaking this up making this happen now go go go

as a vision of a notion of some kind of a painting of some words in the form of a sculpture of a body dancing to the music of the feelings of this life

gets up and jumps from our dream to stand naked before us and the audience

as ego avatar steps in and makes everything personal and pleads and cries and demands

i know i’m not good enough, i’m afraid you don’t like me, give me your money, give me attention, i need you to love me

as buddha wisdom calmly breathes in and out to become completely undefended

it is like this