after hearing your voice just a few times every year

finally, i see you

usually when it’s dark and i’m about to

get some sleep, to enter dream land

that is when you would begin speaking

from the big oak or maybe the big pine tree

across the alley in back of my place

you invisible, but loud and clear, i could hear you

so glad to finally see you


at dawn, thursday morning

returning from work in my car

turning into the alley in back of my place

suddenly wings flapping and flashing

wide beautiful dusty white wings right above me

i hit the brakes, ducked, went holy f…

you were swooping down after a small bird

flitting like a spark through my head lights

and as you twisted around the corner chasing after it

i saw no hawk’s neck

just your big round face

your feather coat dusty white, gray, with rusty brown streaks

that’s when i knew, you’re unmistakable

a pleasure to finally meet you

my barred owl friend, talk all night

now i know who’s speaking