your structures bright in the sun

like bones laid out in the sun

lies plain in the sun

dude, you can’t outrun

it’s all under the sun


what is holding you

all hanging out, half way into space

you’re way leveraged bro, cantilevered out into nothing

on credit on margins on debt

on violence on death, on jealousy on stress

promises made but were they kept

on shimmering virga for lives parched and beaten down

by thought droughts and wasted fates

hey sorry, only one digital frame per face

as if it’s impossible to see

the bridges standing for decades and centuries

arching all of humanity’s needs

over our churning rivers of doubt and greed


moment vector, what is supporting you

show us the engineering drawings dude

and that column you’re hanging from, you’re clinging to

what is it made with, formed from, built of

the maximum values pushing down on the end of that line you drew

that weight, that history, that story, that fate

that point load you said was static and maintained

moment vector, it’s already gone, already changed