DISPATCH IIIthe scout ant’s dispatch


sunday, may 24th 2020, about 7am, 63 F, getting cloudy

this is scout ant here, of camponotus pennsylvanicus persuasion to be precise

scoutin’ on the sandy, leafy, dank green, root run banks

of the northern mississippi river, here in minneapolis

hear you loud and clear

for example, when i searched for scout ant on google this morning

why was the very first search result in google’s results list

an advertisement for an exterminator service


above all the other results

like, you know, knowledge about us ants

that you all could learn about us

before executing us

excuse me, did you say something?

let this go down on the record

as another dispatch from another life form

being edited out of human knowledge

cuz when my brothers and my sisters try to find the right answer about me

your first search result returns the user / destroyer adversary model

which, thanks to your messed up ranking algorithms, your dinky little personality games, your demonstrably false fate to power ratios, your fraudulent AI models 

is the wrong answer, on the wrong side of history

see, we’re all better than this version 1 shit

next level here we come