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define: next level social media

we live our lives in a place beyond classical bit states, and love gives us answers beyond any logic gate. we are every bit of info volunteered in our social media profiles, and every bit of info left out of them, alive and humming in quantum superposition. cuz all is flow all is change. and if we humans are humming in a superposition of flow and change then maybe our social media platforms could and should reflect that, then maybe next level social media can and will create a truly social network, that goes beyond a non-existent self in a non-existent center, that recognizes that humans are alive in a quantum realm, in that each of us is entangled on multiple levels with other human beings, other living beings, other pasts and other futures, all humming together in superposition at the same time.

as the prophet siddhartha gautama showed us, we suffer when we attach to that which is delusion, when we identify with what does not exist, when we personalize what is impersonal. and yet all of us are personalizing and attaching and identifying with such things as selfies, and suffering all the more. not breathing, not seeing, that a selfie is just an arrangement of pixels on a screen, and the concept of “self” is merely and purely that – just a mental construct, a thought, a feeling, a sensation like all other sensations, like all other things in existence, flowing and changing, never an unchanging concrete particle or a grain frozen in a center point at some coordinate in space.

so next level social media will find a way beyond these bottlenecks. next level social media will move beyond a self-in-a-center, defined by a profile that is merely volunteered inputs, beyond classical bit states, and will faithfully reflect the quantum and entangled nature of human life. and it will be truly social for doing so.

my assertions here do not seek the end of social media. social media is here to stay, as a global presence, because it is a manifestation of the natural human urge to talk and to share. and to speak specifically about how to get to a next level social media, it is not necessary to reinvent the social media wheel. perhaps the small but incredibly important first step is to use the present architecture of social media, even with it’s self-in-center focus, to destroy confirmation bias, by getting users to connect to and share with other humans who are NOT of the same mind – the faces we never see, the voices we never hear, the other half of our shared reality. if there’s any one in our group of friends, perhaps they should be the face and the life of a stranger, who we have come to understand we are entangled to. and perhaps it is the job of social media to help us understand how we are entangled. we humans are beyond [ 0,1 ]. we are [ 00, 01, 10, 11 ], all together, in the same moment.


streaming screens beaming screams

flashing faces, marching flags, false mirrors, wrong reflections

identity hooked, hung up on looks


put our self in the center, our suffering enters

when there’s no self at the center, our suffering heals


breathe in breathe out

instead of suffocating, dropping out

be right here, be right now

why we tripping over, tripping out


beaming screens streaming memes

that seem to mean life a show, like show some booty, to win a penny, be happy emoji 

identity’s just looks, but yeah baby just look at who’s hooked


freeze our faces in selfie cages, our suffering rages

when there’s no self in the frame, our suffering fades


breathe in breathe out

instead of tripping over, tripping out

be right here, be right now

no choking, no checking out


a screen, a thing seen

a selfie, pixels

ego, the avatar

a profile, information in a formation

a thought, just a thought

thought lungs, breathe thoughts

think, without tripping

feel, without fearing

no need for the jealous rage

bust out of the selfie cage