woozy times

rollin on that woozy beat

it kinda makes sense

kinda dances

but kinda dizzy

confusing n twitchy


woozy rhymes

rollin on them woozy chems

it kinda makes sense

it kinda works

but kinda messed up on that perfect selfie

maybe someone gonna like me a little more

if i take just one more

just one more

how many stars you gonna rate my love my body my money

honey, baby


woozy times

rollin on that woozy beat

kinda drunk kinda high

but half assed sober

like the ones up on the throne slouched over

who know how close they are to coming down

how heavy and unsteady lies the crown


woozy lines

rollin on them woozy screens

the armies of our unresolved grievances are stirring

marching down the streets of our lives

kinda lockstep

but kinda staggering kinda lost

slobbering on the hate we feed them


woozy times


across the static

across the sidewalk

the curbs

the traffic

the faces in cars passing

the panic, the peace, the laughter

windows down

punk rock belted

hip hop blasting

on the far side the other side

we see them laughing

a language we can’t understand

but a smile that’s beaming

behind the flashing screens we sit

and want that happiness

but in these woozy times

will it ever happen

hands clenched tight into fists

holding nothing but trips


like we waiting

for some perfect easy answer

for the always open palms of a savior

to come down and lift us up

when our hands our souls

will open

if we just let go

these woozy times

we grasping