run script >_

sorry babe, i’m on autopilot auto reply

out of head auto reply

out of mind auto reply

out of time auto reply

i’m out of ____ auto reply

sorry, i’m unable to understand, care, or even reply to you

auto reply

i’m checked out auto reply

over the top, over the drop

what? auto reply

if it’s so important, why are we having this conversation auto reply

you gonna get   [text box]   with me then i ain’t gonna hear you

auto reply

yeah we rollin script to script

i’m flickin faces on my tv phone bro

i ain’t got time for your problems auto reply

was met with ____ auto reply

chill just fuckin wit u man auto reply

just a bot talkin with u bro

thanks, i’ll be available in 5 minutes auto replied

2 hours ago

pile of poo emoji

this convo </script>

gonna end like this