how come

at the punk rock show

no one’s on their phone while the bands are thrashing

no one’s talking

it’s all moshing

how come

at the punk rock show

when dude’s glasses get tossed off

in the mosh

someone’s there to see them fall

and another one’s there to pick them up

off the floor, between stomping feet

and somehow, hand by hand

through the pit

they get returned right back to the man

how come

at the punk rock show

everyone knows everyone

different towns, different scene, it doesn’t matter

members of the first and second bands right up front

singing the lyrics of the final act

in unison

how come

at the punk rock show

the entire first song of the third band

has their mic vocals off

their wide open mouths moving, belting, screaming, singing

in total silence

til the sound tech finally makes it known to them

half way through

but the band just keeps playing

just shrugs their shoulders

points to the crowd

like do they care

which just moshes onward

carried along by the thundering hardcore

how come

at the punk rock show it’s like

no thanks man, i don’t need another drink

i just need one more song one more set

just need this frantic beautiful energy for one more life

just need the music in both ears

straight to the heart