after a loooong thursday working my job

i sit with a pint behind a big window

as i like to do at this small craft brewery

cuz of the music they play and the beer they make

and how their large store front windows

looking out onto the corner of south 10th ave and east lake street

allow me to watch minneapolis and the world go by and today

i see in front of me

through the double glazed glass panes

a young woman sitting alone outside at one of the brewery’s tables

chatting with someone

speaking out loud to them

through the speaker on her huge tv phone

listening to the replies of a person who isn’t there

on her white wireless headphones

then gesturing and laughing

meanwhile, directly in front of both her and me

beyond the brewery’s patio

through the glass panes of the metrotransit bus stop

across the rush hour traffic flowing west, then east, down lake street

at the bus stop on the opposite, eastbound side

i watch as a man wearing white and orange medical bracelets

and dirty jeans and a muscle shirt and red ball cap

dances and gestures and speaks and laughs to himself

grabbing pieces of trash from the ground and spinning around

as the others waiting for a bus watch him and smile

or snicker and frown and step out of his way

until the 21A stops then pulls away

and the man is gone

and i sit alone writing this down

and the young woman gestures and laughs and speaks out loud

to a person who isn’t there