lying in the shade of a palm tree on a white sand beach in Jamaica and falling asleep for a few hours and waking up so rested to the smell of jerk chicken being cooked down the beach and the sound of the warm breeze in the fronds of the palm trees above me in the dark running towards the bus i just missed watching it drive down lyndale avenue toward my place at around 11:45 pm and being drunk and alone and the loneliness and the dark cold and the only thing i can think of is just passing out in the warmth under my blankets against the 20 mph wind from the northwest that’s eating through my clothes at -3 degrees plus the windchill too and 30 minutes still until the next #4 bus on the overnight flight i took to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and trying to sleep amongst the crying children worrying about leaving my job even just for a few days and the crying children on the dark flight from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to Sangster International Airport and the crack of warm morning sunshine between the fuselage of the Airbus A319 and the gangway and the shiver i feel as i step across the snow covered curb in the -26 windchill walking in the warm white sand up the aisle of the bus at 12:20am not noticing the peaceful sleeping children and then

seeing their little closed eyes and soft breaths on the hushed bus noticing the snot dripping from my nose as my stiff body sways and bounces feeling the warm air from the bus’ heaters on my face a few more stops to my place