i’m not really sure, yeah i don’t know, like, it was something but we’re not sure, yeah i don’t know either, we heard it was like, this thing, but we aren’t sure right now, how am i supposed to know? it was their job to know, not mine, yeah i’m not really sure who would know, i couldn’t really tell you, we were told someone else knew what it was, it might be this but i’m not sure because they told me it was like, totally understood already, you know? yeah i’m sorry i don’t know, i don’t know, maybe they could tell you, ask them, yeah i didn’t really have time to know that, yeah i’m sorry, thanks, yeah i don’t know dude, we weren’t really interested in it so we didn’t think it was important, what? no. no, i didn’t know that, no, we were both really busy with stuff so we didn’t really think about it, no, yeah, my girlfriend was doing this thing so i didn’t know about it, no i didn’t see it online so i stopped wondering about it, i was visiting my mom and dad so there wasn’t time to understand it, i’m not totally sure, but i do know that they said they would get to it, i think the others were like, working on it, so i didn’t know about it, no, it’s something, like, i don’t know, it was like, this thing, but i just didn’t think it mattered to me, no, yeah we weren’t curious about it either and so, well, the executive team got no indication from them on it’s importance so, and yeah, so like the incoming data sets were outside of our, of our, like, task group, so we didn’t get to it then, i kept hearing about this huge, like, thing, but i had to go to this other place and like, there was no one there who could determine what it was so i figured they were doing it, yeah they weren’t sure either so i just went ahead and went to the store with, like, my boyfriend, no, there wasn’t really time for me to ask so, yeah, i’m sure they probably know what it means