what i hold onto like the green channel buoy

anchored and straining against the current

my mind drifting troubled thought to troubled thought

as i stoop right on the edge

where the mississippi river’s water meets the sand

watching pieces of wood float in like the one above

which comes to rest right at my feet

bobbing 2 inches from the sand

ringed in phosphorous foam

complete with grass blades, a leaf, a cigarette filter

and a black carpenter ant

running back and forth across the piece of wood

stopping right on the edge

where the water meets the wood

putting it’s front legs out into the water

touching it’s antennas on the water back and forth back and forth

like it wants to swim that last 2 inches to land

and then pulling back and trying it again

and again

human being human being

don’t tell me

you haven’t been there

trying to get there

right on the edge

where your dreams meet this world as it is

floating on your little piece