twisting around the shoreline road from oriental bay to owhiro bay

the sun shining from the northern sky

my sense of direction spinning round and round

not knowing where i am

i feel at home in you

homes perched like angled birds on your steep hillsides

shadows move down the hills bleeding into the sea

the ocean fades from sun green to cool blue

not knowing where i am

as if i have always known you

clouds move so fast across your sky

rain falling down the sun shine

the white caps furious in your harbor

not knowing where i am

like pōhutukawa blossoms blown out to sea

3 planes, 24 hours, thousands of miles, i come from so far

and wake the morning after to songs of kokako and tui

the smell of coal burning as i walk down aro street for coffee 

knowing where i am

as if you have always known me