water flows as earth stays

as thoughts flow, as thoughts remain

some snagged and held

grasped in pain in shame in blame

trapped swirling

thought lungs, be at peace now

meditation is how

opening and noticing

no fearing no judging

the thoughts that go

the thoughts that stay

and if they remain

spinning, clutching and turbulent

like a thought about something 20 years ago

drawn up from the well every day

opening and noticing

that each breath taken is the present

here and now breathing

and with each breath

seeing and feeling and healing

the anger the blame the shame

the ego the selfishness the pain

the suffering that makes one moment

come back and never go away

opening and noticing

seeing why it stays

opening and noticing

a choice a strength a freedom

to let it go, to let life flow

no longer caught in the act out

the bad decisions of the trip out

another breath another thought

another chance another life

water flows as earth stays

as thoughts go, as thoughts remain