nice, you got one of those 120 inch 8k screens

with that immersive curve, yeah nice, nice

is the resolution so good that when shit flashes on it you smell flowers

is the resolution so good the lies on it become true

what’s that, yeah, look at you high definition oblivion

how much do you make in a minute of work? really, nice

congratulations, that’s outstanding compared to most humans

oh sure, all your principles about pulling oneself up

from the bootstraps, about not relying on the government

but then paying employees $10.50 an hour

and then scratching your head in front of the board

if they bother to ask

about why employees aren’t getting ahead

why can’t they get to work on time in a car like you

why can’t they climb the ladder, why can’t they raise their children right

while working two full time jobs

while trying to stay healthy during a pandemic you bungled

always passing the buck for someone else to fight


high definition oblivion, you’re the one always whining

about how they have to work harder

and your solution, oh well

maybe if mom and dad each worked 3 full time jobs

you know, 120 hours a week

then, then they could make $30 an hour

then, then they could afford a car without a loan

food without food stamps, housing without government assistance

without getting caught up in one of your real estate loan scams

raise their kid right, yeah sure man

your corporation made something like $_00,000,000 million in profits

just in the last quarter

you took home $_0,000,000 in pay

just in the last quarter

but your lowest paid employees

making $10.50, $12.75, $13.25, an hour

can’t afford housing or healthcare or transportation

out of their own pockets, no government involvement

and you’re bitching about the government making you pay $15 an hour


high definition oblivion, what you’re really saying is

you can afford to be a capitalist

by paying your employees such little money they can live on welfare

while they work full time

at your job


high definition oblivion, what you pay is called a welfare wage for a reason

right, oh sure, sure high definition oblivion

the high salaries are necessary to achieve high performance

but that fundamental motivational principle isn’t true

if you only pay enough to apply it to you

and not the contract custodian vacuuming your corner office too


high definition oblivion, you say you want to win all the arguments and destroy the left

and put the government out of business

but then you figure out how to pay the lowest wages possible

not the highest wages, the lowest


all your big think tanks, all your economics phd’s

all your speeches in front of hard hats, all your plans for victory

doesn’t mean shit if you’re too greedy to pay the wage for it

go ahead high definition oblivion, double down on it then

repeat the same thing over and over again

that’s just a sign you don’t really believe in what you’re saying

that just means you’ve run out of ways to defend it

and have nothing left in the bank to say for it


high definition oblivion, oh shit bro, look who’s calling!

not the bank, but your principles

this is not a margin call, this is not a margin call

no no, that is not your problem, no

this is your principles calling, making a principle call:


there’s nothing in your account


high definition oblivion, we all noticed you jumping up and down

hooting and hollering with a smile on your face

when that player who was born of that race

scored a goal, a home run, a touchdown, the winning 3 pointer

worked solid shift after solid shift, who helped your team win

and a day later you were making racist jokes about that player’s race

completely unaware of yourself

cuz that stupid shit you say means you’re not a real racist

and you’re not a real member of the team

so wtf are you, high definition oblivion?

all twisted up into contradictory knots

double speaking out of your ass, too clever by half

what, did you say something high definition oblivion

oh sure man, sure, your racism game, your sad little sport

essentially it’s you scratching at your stinking misery index every day

as much as you feel like shit about your life, as poor as you are

as long as that other person feels even worse than you

is even poorer than you

then you can feel a tiny bit more pride about your life


high definition oblivion, you got so tweaked you didn’t notice you were asleep

couldn’t see how your hatred was making you sickly and weak

choking on life

instead of breathing in life and breathing out life

sure oh sure, how angry it makes you man

when they demand special treatment

but that anger blinds you and then you can’t see

the special treatment you’re demanding for you

is just the same thing

you like saying your special dna is the magic ticket

“i look like this, i don’t have to do this”

“i look like this, i can automatically treat you like shit”

heard that baby talk before, when you were being pushed out the door

you’re not better, not superior, just hypocritical for sure

just another voice whining for the easy cure

just as selfish and pathetic

as the rest of us here on this earth can be when we’re weak

so welcome to the human race piece of shit

you’re right down in it with us


high definition oblivion, you’re on something man and it shows

your head spinning around and around, your eyes glitching

ego avatars marching up and down in rows

little faces in little boxes riding algorithms into cages

into social media formations

you speaking gibberish out of both sides of your mouth

something about how you’re the party of law and order

the party of personal responsibility

yet before the eyes of the entire world

you actively tried to bring law and order down

and then came up with excuses and tried to blame someone else

yeah we saw it, we all saw it high definition oblivion

you were so tweaked on preserving your own personal piece

that you had fallen asleep

your head bobbing, your shoulders slumping down

america’s beautiful crown of brotherly love and freedom

too heavy for you

so you tried to drop it on the ground


high definition oblivion, freedom’s not falling to the ground

our freedom’s not being chopped up like it was some catalytic converter you stole

you’re not selling it to some russian or chinese smelter you know

for another twenty bucks

so you can go buy another plastic bottle of power trips

and pass out in your truck

desperately combing the dash for crumbs of power to smoke

when you wake up


high definition oblivion, hey, c’mon, get up, wake up

put the fucking phone down and keep your eyes on the ball

here comes democracy

here comes the results of a free election you freely voted in

here comes freedom and liberty

here comes another vote on november 8, 2022

and another vote on november 5, 2024

and another vote on november 3, 2026 

on and on, enshrined in justice and the rule of law 

here comes the united states of no american race

the united states of all of us

even you, high definition oblivion, even you

perp walking into jail

it’s just we’re not all going down with you to your holding cell

to watch you fling greedy racist shit on the walls

and tell us that it smells like flowers

we are the united states of consciousness

we are the united states of freedom breathing deep

we are the united states of all of us

the united states of america