minneapolis, north east

i’m biking down a tree lined street in slanting late summer sun

it’s still hot and the big big trees arching 40 50 60 feet over this quiet street

throw down a lot of nice shade

the big big tree’s green leaves rustling and flipping in that midwest ocean breeze

sunlight flickering over all the front porches

their folding chairs and pool lounges empty this evening

now the sound of lawns being mowed and the smell

of the two stroke engines and the cut grass and the barbecues in the back yards

merging into one another under the big big trees

since i didn’t take a pic wouldn’t put it in a jar

this is how i’ll take it with me

as the pandemic’s still going it’s winter approaching

traffic still not flowing through 38th and chicago

cuz still nothing has reformed or changed

how many more names until it’s obvious that justice came

as deepfake scenes start messing with our dreams

as hate tripping streams and courses through our social media os’s

flashing and sluicing across hi-def screens

this is how i’ll get through

i’ll stand steady and breathe like the big big trees