when that thought sticks

when that cringe loops

when what was said, the hurt done, the mistake made gets

replayed replayed replayed

when the pain stays like, will it ever go away

the canisters of tear gas and flash bangs going off in your face

thought lungs, breathe thoughts

and in the space between thoughts

where the birds just sing and the freeway just whooshes

where the ac just hums and the stress just keeps pressing down

where what happened on that day in late may

just won’t go away

listen to the birds



listen to the cars on the freeway



listen to the ac, the fridge, the engine, the brakes, the traffic

humming, running, banging, screeching, honking


without fear, without attaching

feel your stress

pressing down

then going

without judging, without grasping

feel the tear gas burning, your anger growing

then changing

like one sound into the next


one thought into the next


and you breathe one breath in and out to the next


like one thought in and one thought out


letting come, letting go



it’s all passing through, why let it stay with you

it’s all passing through, you sure that thought makes you

so steady breathing, steady being

be free flowing thought flow

be thoughtful, be watchful

fully present, not tripping out

not caught on a doubt

at peace with now

so go