be breathing

breathe in breathe out

all is flow all is change

all showed up, all left the stage

the fear the distress

of these times

pressing down on our chests

feel this without fearing

without grasping

without attaching

don’t push this away

don’t grasp onto this

it will change

breathe in breathe out

in the hospitals of italy, in the hospitals of nyc

in spain, in seattle, in wuhan, in london, new orleans, mumbai

the doctors and nurses 

trying to manage what is happening now

and heed the warnings of what soon could go down

ventilator hoods over heads

in row after row of hospital beds

the doctors and nurses pushing so hard

to keep them breathing

for them

breathe in breathe out

for all the servers and the staff that we know

in the bars and the clubs and the restaurants and pubs

we can no longer go to

all who lost their jobs in an instant

all the businesses just closed down

a what the ffff just happened look around

for them

breathe in breathe out

and when our own worries

our own fears

our own pain

comes rushing in

the weight pressing down on our chests

feel the worry, feel the fear, feel the pain

don’t push them away

don’t grasp them  

they will change

here where we breathe our thoughts

where we breathe our fears our pain

is the peace and the strength

to think without tripping

and feel without fearing

let it in let it out

pick it up put it down

let it come let it go

without fear without judgment

without grasping

without attaching

breathe in breathe out

for those who cannot

for the doctor awake for 2 days

for the nurse who’s watched too many pass away

for them

keep breathing

stronger than any fear and distress

pressing down

on our chests

alert n ready

calm n steady

getting busy

breathing doing fixing building making helping healing