yeah, you listen closely enough

the humdrum’s

like a humming drum drum



your human futures are bogus

you only predict from what’s been volunteered

your behavior models are wrong

you only take what i give you

your math is a fraud

you only compute what i let you

your predictions are specious

you only glean from my uploads

cuz you’re biased on inputs

while i flip in and out like a qubit

i’m the quantum superposition of all i gave you

and all i held from you

hum hum drum drum


i’m the man who sits in silence and speaks above the noise

like she’s the girl who shared this and never shared that

they are what was given to them and what was taken from them

we are what was loved and what was forgotten

hum drumming together

as one


not just our inputs

not just our outputs

we are not info in

we are not behavior models out

we are everything you can recognize in the selfie

and everything you can’t

we are a string of 1’s and 0’s flickering down a fiber optic cable

at the same time we are the secret held inside


we are of

at the very same moment

we aren’t of


like an answer beyond your logic gates

living a life beyond your highest frame rate

performing a music beyond your notations

hum drumming in quantum superposition

together as one


the problem’s in your code

how there’s no flow

the way a human life flows and changes

from a present moment

to a memory of the past

to a plan for the future

to a changed present moment

the way a human life flows and changes

from a self in a center

to a selfless reaching out to help another

this is why your location data doesn’t show

where we really are in life

this is why your models are a mess

and your math is faulty

your algorithms won’t organize

and your social media live streams death

any advantage you’ve gained

that you wanna take to the bank

is just a lit up bomb

in a safe deposit box

a computational relic

that can’t get to the next level

just slowing down human progress

while this human life

hum hum drum drums

a music that’s beyond monetization

cuz it’s beyond your notation