these days how our troubled thoughts get stuck and hung up

in the fuzzy mold of an info haze

this delusionhalucinillusionpollution clouding over the sky

over our beautiful eyes

how the screens got our attention locked

but nothing we see even shocks

so we never turn away our vision in a frame

our smiles slash our words hate

the images we chase the fates we vape

snap the shot choke on thoughts freeze the frame what’s my name

the empty stomach of our distracted minds

when all we can do some days is eat with our eyes

just stopped by the corner store now i’m starving for contact just a little more

cuz we don’t acknowledge each other if we can’t pronounce a name

click a label attach the frame

the wailing drone from server farms

when we switch on our ego avatars

who stride in so dutifully and  f  up our minds

blue faced and shiny and dressed to the nines


human being human being

all is flow all is change

don’t put yourself in a selfie cage

all is flow all is change

don’t trip out on a frozen frame

human being can’t you see

what it means to be free

breathe in breathe out

you can let it in you can let it out

pick it up put it down

let it come let it go

without fear without judgment

without grasping without attaching

in a forest of trees of glowing green leaves

amongst towers of concrete and flashing screens

a buddha mind discerning the wisdom of a vision

from the delusion of a trip