mini polis

dakota, greek

water city

and what a place

at a confluence

at a falls

the water dropping over what once were limestone ledges

then 7 miles down, the waters joining

the minnesota river, the mississippi river

the mini so tah wahk pah joining the haha wahk pah

the river of cloudy water flowing into the river of the falls


and south of the glinting skyscrapers of downtown flows lake street

running like a river from sunrise to sunset

a straight line running 5 miles between white earth lake and river of the falls

between bde maka ska and haha wahk pah

a street that is a river of languages in glowing signs 

at the end where the sun sets

it’s the apple store and cowboy bar and designer furniture boutique

in it’s midway point the signs are swirling now

restaurantes next to halal meats

a western wall covered in a huge burner graf piece

dur dur bakery next to mercado central

imported food store fronts next to bondage leather and kink supplies

a bank branch, a dollar store

a global market built inside the shell of a sears headquarters

vietnamese autobody shops, chiropractor mexicanos

accidente empleados? accidente auto?

the taco trucks in the empty parking lots

in front of the k-mart and across from the pioneers and soldiers cemetery

still selling their tacos de lengua in the cold


and at the end where the sun rises

tax preparers and walgreens

further to a print shop, further to a wood working tool supplier

silk screened band posters taped in a window

vices, clamps and braces laid out in rows

then a bridge over the great river and lake street becomes marshall

two rivers, a falls, a lake, a city, a street

a confluence, a stop, a go

how the water city flows