the cutting times have now arrived

driven by a tribal mind now so awake and stirring

all of us surfing waves of self waves of me waves of i

wasted on the biggest high of humankind

the trip we take about our selves

about the ego avatars we build

up in our heads

under our domes of social media tech

like social media mech-warriors

going through player load-outs

all of us clicking through drop-downs

our weaponry of identity of sexuality

dna flag name politics and cash money

the pre-set choices of required information text boxes

all of us just min-maxing our humanity but we do it anyway

so we can say here’s my profile, this is me

and here’s my tribe tripping on some aggravated vanity

a selfie just a slogan flashing in and fading out

faces just getting played out

humans just swiped away to somewhere else

under someone else’s thumb under someone else’s eye

cut me out cut me in cut me from you cut me from them

with knives of pics and tats and stats

all of us behind the wheel when the cutting times arrived

driven by a tribal mind now so awake and stirring

so i’ll listen to you in a second

i’ll recognize your humanity in a minute

i’ll cut you from this car wreck in a moment

just let me take a selfie of me crawling from it first