measurer of what is measureless

the pallets are ready

the dock trucks are ready

the shipping containers are ready

the tractor trailers are ready

the container car trains are ready

the container ships are ready

the supply chain is ready

the advertising campaign is ready

the wide aisles are ready

shiny with speechlessness

ashen with white light at 9pm

humming and flickering above parents with children

trying to buy groceries and find someone to take the kids

in the 90 minutes between 2 full time jobs

while politicians retch and fart from the flat screen near the pharmacy

“you’re poor because you’re not working hard enough”

their glib smiles delivering the end product of this supply chain the final mile

a wage of starvation paid to hard working men and women

a wage of never seeing their children grow up

a wage of missing school board meetings

a wage of canceled doctor’s appointments

this supply chain of shame carried, worn, pushed and pulled

the final few feet, hours, seconds, inches, days, and nights

by the little bodies of children forced to care for themselves

while from a flat screen in the break room at 3am a pundit declares 

“kids need a mom and dad to be there”

 measurer of what is measureless

there is an accounting far beyond profit and loss

there are dreams that won’t flat pack

there are ideas that float over aisles and rail yards

there are hard workers that never walk away

there are words that burn in the dark after closing time