billions of little glowing screens

flashing in billions of dark apartments

getting walked down billions of streets

we bathe in screen time

screens rising and setting

the sun just passing

we push our face boxes around with our thumbs now

melting into hot little screens

cooking in our own information now

selfies like slogans looking for nibbles

young person, you need to be seen being a scene

the structure of everything so exposed

so posed now

we pound on it with our thumbs now

to record videos of pieces breaking off

our cut off pasts left twitching until deletion

big ideas ripped apart and buried in comment threads

streams of bullshit and fact flowing at 40mb/s

and caught in that space between what’s being uploaded

and downloaded

a tender truth

gone in a second

obfuscation covering it in a fuzzy mold

we watch time remaining bars, hourglasses, and spinning circles

while clicking touch pads move hands into fists

bodies start running, blood starts flowing

flicking thumbs, hot little screens

shudders through structures

and cracks in our face boxes

we stand now, posing like columns of information

getting soft edged in the rain of time

frozen in our selves like the marble up on the acropolis 

our endless smiles

in a gif’s endless loops