i hear something that sounds like sails

flapping in the wind above the streets of Minneapolis

new lifestyle shells to slip into

slip slip slip

advertising banners and construction site warnings zip tied to chain link

torn and unstapled tyvek skin over densglass sheathing

flap flap flap

thin set thin set thin set

brick veneer

2 x 4 wood sticks

concrete decks

husks and panels

the scabs on carpenters’ hands

the drops of sweat that fell on subfloors

the salt you never taste

$1750 a month

for a top floor 1 bedroom 

that looks across girard avenue to the roof deck of a bar 

50 feet away

the roof deck i stood on 3 years ago

surrounded by my fellow young americans

i was there out of curiosity, quiet and approachable, drinking a beer

and i remember being asked “what do you do?” again and again

what is the square footage of my income

the composition of my counter tops

“what do you do?”, urban lifestyle shell

what do you do