thin high clouds, early april

out walking under a veiled spring sky

my blood’s

feeling sluggish and laden

full with dirty melt water

full of old cholesterol

oily residues of old memories, old stress

wool and sweat

come on come on

warm me up warm me up

the sun finally feels warm again

but the wind’s still cold

this cold so old so old

rugs left out flapping in the sun now

t-shirts worn like flags

pops of skateboards over my street’s curb cuts now

each day’s light a little longer

but each night still the smell of chimney smoke

the sun warms the tips of my ears the tips of my ears now

another year

my desires for change like green shoots

waiting for that day i can finally crack

both windows

and feel that first breath

of cross ventilation

feel my shiverings end

feel my sweating begin