the coffee shop was full this saturday afternoon

warm coffee contemplative music a long tough week done

i sit and stare off out of the window i stare off out into the space of it

i see laptops glowing text books out and open tablets propped up with keyboard flaps out fingers

clicking and typing

faces glowing

ghostly white eyes oblivious 

staring at screens

i love this coffee shop how it doesn’t even have to try

so many times i’ve seen kids playing games or running up to me and everyone else there

asking questions

dogs coming inside being greeted like regulars just like their owners

if a key is being pressed down here on a laptop is some weight being lifted up somewhere else?

what work is being done here, show me that which is being lifted up, what new energy being born

thousands of miles away

headphones on, back against the window, face glowing ghostly white

while children scamper around playing hide-n-seek 

and a dog resting at the feet of it’s owner looks me in the eyes and lifts up it’s head and licks my hand

as i reach out to pat it’s head