NAME: he went for a walk one cold sunday afternoon and 6 blocks away the church bells rang and he liked the distant sound as is as is as is

ADDRESS: this poets book that he had folded down the corner of almost every page over 14 years ago and that he reached for to read again once more

PHONE NUMBER: suckas can’t see so call me

AGE: at the show, moshed and kicked and drunken with a joyous smile yelling

WEIGHT HEIGHT: type one diabetes scaled me up and down

EYE COLOR: distant, nomadic, at home in you, eating up your blues

RACE: i came out of love’s oven motherfuckers didn’t have no say

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: expectations fuck up relationships yo best not trip on them thangs yo

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: the sweetness born of loneliness

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: the effects come and then the effects wear off and the affects arrive and then the affects get laughed at

REFERENCES: his blood sugar had plummeted and he walked into the bar on Lake St. and ordered a stout and a mushroom swiss burger and it was the most satisfying meal he ever had once the shakes wore off