how do i upload a silence to soundcloud
that silence i hear when a lover leaves
how do i enter a status update on Facebook
for something i didn’t say
the words not said and the silences heard that make me who i am

i am what i said to you and what i didn’t say to her
what i could’ve done to them or not have taken from him
humming in quantum superposition
when you walk by me on the street
and sit next to me at the bar

like a qubit fluctuating in all states at the same time
i say things to this world when i do not say things to this world
my entangled felt it but didn’t say it and said it but didn’t mean it
the night i was awoken from a dream of her, by a text from her
how i look into her eyes and feel like i am no longer in this place

i am a sculpture of video of a painting of your dance
and you are a dance of a poem taken from a song of my sculpture
we are the pasts and the futures and the presents and the memories
superpositions lay out before us when we look through another’s eyes
our bodies miles apart but our lover’s kisses still on our lips