FORWARD  – as humans have always wanted to talk and to share:


look, a dove has arrived with a message about olympians in athens



daugerre’s gift

and thomas edison’s too

bell, meucci, and the work of all the other names

maxwell and hertz and bose, to marconi and fessenden

and words and music and books and prints and photos and blueprints and manifestos and mass printed color posters going to and going fro

and ww1

world. war.


lumeire to baird to farnsworth

and communism and socialism and fascism and nationalism and racism

and all the other isms

and all the other flags

and all the other tribes

and the big screen

and mass propaganda and mass propaganda

and tripping and twitching


world. war.


davies and pouzin, taylor and roberts, to berners-lee

and how we humans communicate

when the communicating gets really really easy

how we only talk with the ones we really want to talk to

only read, listen to, watch what we really want to 

only what we agree with, only what makes us feel good

not what we don’t want to read

don’t want to hear

don’t want to see

like maybe the other half of a shared reality

yes yes all of these are revolutions in communication

the immense good yes

all bringing humans closer together yes yes

but always the same pattern throughout the history of mankind

the confirmation bias, the input bias

forming us into tribes of the same mind

flying the same flag with the same name

atomized, tribalized, radicalized

this natural weakness of human nature

and now the name zuckerberg

and social media

and now the ego avatars and the selfie cages…