a nonhuman mouse model

a nonhuman, 3-phase primate model

a nonhuman, feed-them-this-tweaked-news-feed-and-see social media model

a nonhuman, highly advanced, predictive behavior matrix presented by a start up to a venture capitalist for a series-b funding round model

a nonhuman “our algorithmic AI achieved spectacular ad revenue results this quarter” press release model

a nonhuman if you analyzed my face a million fucking times could you even fucking recognize my humanity facial recognition model

all models models models, all nonhuman

all non me, all non you, all non them, all non us

the [ data sets ] poor

the math therefore lacking

the picture delivered out of focus

the focus thus distracting

the cognition marred

the conclusions inaccurate

the decisions, incorrect and incompetent 

the results, guaranteed and happening 

the confirmation bias, pressed down and compounding

the bandwidth to care about a world bigger than individual daily survival, throttled and slowing down

the acting out of threats made on a screen, already upon us

humanity’s thinking, confused and impoverished

the hours and days, the faces and lives, streaming by

faster and faster